Our Work

Follow the links below to see samples of our work.

Iowa Public Radio Listening Project. Iowa Public Radio asked us to conduct community engagement research covering the state of Iowa. We embarked on a large scale study that included discussion groups, town meetings, telephone and online research. The brochure covering the results (linked here) was the primary vehicle used by IPR to promote the study to potential partners, listeners, and other stakeholders.

Cleveland Educational Listening Project. Cleveland’s Ideastream asked us to uncover the issues facing the local educational community. We conducted discussion groups with educational leaders and a series of telephone, mail and online surveys. The report linked here summarized the findings.

Ethnic Philanthropy Project. This paper developed from our research on ethnic philanthropy. We outlined a process model for ethnic philanthropy and how that model could be used to increase fundraising among ethnic minorities.

Lapsed Member Project. We looked at why public television members lapse using approximately 200 depth interviews. The results provided a very thorough portrayal of the motivations behind donating to public TV stations.

America’s Heartland Program Test. This test looked at attitudinal changes associated with watching a public television program that covers the U.S. agriculture industry, America’s Heartland.